I have a (rather humble) dream or my end-of-the-year reflections

I have a dream! That my students:

  • Always learn while exploring, creating and having fun
  • are as much enthusiastic to learn new things as I am when I try new things with them
  • see every lesson as a challenge to achieve something new, to go a step further
  • think out of the box and stretch their comfort zones in order to be creative and original
  • use English to communicate with people they wouldn't be able to communicate otherwise
  • see English as a way to be united to the rest of the world
  • share my enthusiasm when we create together
  • feel proud of themselves every time they come up with imaginative ideas and make these ideas come true as much as I feel proud of them
  • feel the love I feel for the language and for them
With this humble dream I go to bed every night and this dream I meet when I get up. And I have made this dream my purpose as an educator and for this dream I try to make every day worthwhile!