Etwinning-A "rescue" project for my 5th grade

Anyone who has taught a fifth grade in a Greek state Primary School would agree that choosing to do an Etwinning project would be the ideal thing to do with students of this age. I don't mean to sound harsh but it is a common secret that the book for this class is completely inappropriate both for the age and the knowledge level of the students. It is difficult and if you don't supplement it according to the class you teach students are bound to either lose interest early or feel discouraged because they will be unable to follow you.

So this year I have decided to try Etwinning with my students. I was amazed myself about how good this decision really was! I can only start listing the advantages and at the moment it would only be fair to say that there are a few disadvantages and these are not even worth considering.

So, first of all, MOTIVE! This must be the key word. Students are motivated to look up, find, write and create because they are really interested! They want to express their ideas and they are trying their best! They are looking forward to each lesson, each new activity and -believe it or not-they are disappointed when we miss a class! I love seeing the look on their face when I describe the steps that are about to follow!

Then, COOPERATION! Yes, there are times that they fight, but who doesn't? Most of the time students work together, everyone-and I mean everyone-is contributing with ideas and the final outcome is always interesting! They are writing articles, they are drawing, they are collecting information, they are creating imaginary characters and there is so much more to do in the future.

Also, CREATIVITY! Students are free to use their imagination and create! They don't see the "catch", but yes they are doing it in English! So, they have no excuses. If they want to express what they think they have to do it in English! They have to! And they do! And they do it very well!

Furthermore, TECHNOLOGY! Students learn how to use various web tools, which is really exciting for them. Padlet, Voki, Google Drive, just to name a few, are a whole new world for the students,a world that makes their learning fun!

And last but not least, E-FRIENDS! Both students and teachers get to know new people. Bonds are built, communication with people from other places helps us learn things about their countries, their culture, their way of living.

All in all, as I have said, etwinning is a unique experience, for both teachers and students. It also creates a stronger bond between the teacher and the class because they all give a part of themselves in this, they share thoughts and ideas and they also share a wish to give their best in order to succeed the best outcome! For those of you who haven't tried it or are afraid to try it I would strongly suggest it! The experience is worth the hard work!