My story: A story of Gratitude!

I never really thought I would become an English teacher. I was really good at English at school, yes, but  teaching, no, had never crossed my mind. When I succeeded  in the university exams in the English Department I loved everything about it! I enjoyed my studies,but yet I couldn't imagine myself in front of an "audience" teaching! I thought it would be hard.
However, when I finished my studies I got my first job as a teacher. And it was not that hard! In fact, I started enjoying it more and more. But in May I got fired! I got fired from my first job! I couldn't understand what went wrong and I got really depressed. A friend of mine suggested that I forget all about it and try to look for something new. It got me some time to get over it but when I did, I got really organised, prepared a new C.V. and started sending it to schools. I remember sending it to about 15-20 schools. I also did some interviews. There was one school in particular, which made an impression on me. So big, so organised, with an inspiring atmosphere! I caught myself thinking "This is a place I'd love to work at!" .Moreover, the director of studies seemed so friendly but at the same time so professional. I liked her instantly. She told me she would call me, but she never did.
 A couple of months later, sometime before September, this same school had an ad looking for teachers, again. And I was still unemployed. I got tempted to try again, but I was hesistant. She didn't call me the first time, why try again, I thought. This same friend that was there for me the first time urged me to go for it. "You are still unemployed, and they are still looking for teachers", he said. "And you really liked this school." In the end I got convinced. And I went again. I remember the look in her eyes, when she realised she had seen me not so long ago. "We've talked again",she said. I admitted it. "But, you've changed your hair",she noticed. I had! "Why have you decided to come again?" she asked. "I turned you down the first time". "I really liked your school", I said. "I'd love to work here". She smiled and said "I like your persistence! I will give you a chance!" She asked me to do a class observation and then do a demo lesson myself. I did. And I got the job! I was delighted! 
It turned out my instict was right! The school was absolutely perfect. The director, Tasoula, also became my mentor, teaching me all she could. She is a generous person, who's not afraid to pass her knowledge to others. She trusted me, giving me full time from the beginning, and always was there for me through difficulties. She was the reason I have become a lifelong learner, she inspired people by her incessant desire to always learn more and do better. She was a pioneer in many ways. What is more, the people she chose to have by her side were exceptional, too. Eleni, Kyriaki, Angeliki were great people and talented teachers. They also shared their knowledge with me generously. All in all,we were a great team. I was so proud to be part of this school! I am really grateful to these people, they really made me what I am today. I often rememebr the days we had together, now that our lives are separate. Thank you girls!

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